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*Download a PDF of Chapter 21 that explores The Mother/Caregiver archetype (PDF File 427KB)

This downloads page is a resource designed to complement my books and assist in your journey through the world of self-exploration and personal growth. Here, you will (eventually) find an array of valuable tools that have been carefully crafted to enhance your experience with my first book ‘The Creative Shadow’. In The Creative Shadow book all of these pages are included but I realise that many people like to keep their books pristine and not write in them…or write so much that they need extra pages. We like to work how we like to work.

The Creative Shadow book cover.
The Creative Shadow is available only on Amazon at the moment.

This is a must have book for everyone, although it is Art Therapy, you do not have to be an artist to own this book. This book will have you looking into self reflection and transforming your outlook in life.

I’m really glad I took the plunge and bought this. This book is really beautifully made and I haven’t seen another offering the same or even a similar way to increase self-awareness.”

You’ll find below a collection of Shadow Journal pages that use dot-journal format, available as PDF files. These pages are specifically designed to be printer-friendly and save your precious ink. The black and white design of the book has been eased to grey There is also a PDF form verion of the journal that you can fill in digitally. The Shadow Journal is a key tool in your exploration, allowing you to record insights, thoughts, and feelings as you navigate through the exercises and concepts presented in the book. Of course a blank page works just as well but stikcing to the book format provides a little focus.

The Creative Shadow Book Downloads

The Everyday Shadow Book Downloads

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