My Work

Painting: Portrait of Finn

Portrait of my son and my hero, Finn. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 900mm x 900mm.
“Finn”, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 900mm x 900mm.

Around April time I started in earnest trying to cut down the time it takes to do an alla-prima portrait. My target was to get it into a three hour window. This one of those ‘training’ paintings. I started with blue acrylic underpainting and then used oil colour on top of that. You can see progress thumbnails below.

Finn is my oldest son, he’s a complex, intense and creative individual. The three hour window aside I think this absolutely conveys something of his personality. If you are lucky enough to know him you’ll agree.

For this painting I worked on a white surface on stretched canvas. It’s not how I usually work, preferring smooth board and a mid value ground but I have a desire to inject some more raw colour into what I’m doing.

So did I reach my target time? No. Did I produce a painting I was happy with. Yes.

This work is featured in the 2023 Scottish Portrait Awards long list exhibition.